Pioneers of Privatization – Own Your Saskatchewan

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NAME: Brad Wall

JOB: Privatizer in Chief


"There’s something we signed on to called the Crown Corporation Protection Act, or to that effect. Basically, it protects Crowns from being privatized... With respect to the major Crowns, we will not be changing it if we’re re-elected again."

Uh huh.

NAME: Christine Tell

JOB: Minister of Central Services


Couldn't do it herself, so got her Deputy Minister to announce government's privatization of cleaning services in government-owned buildings.

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NAME: Jeremy Harrison

JOB: Minister Responsible for SLGA


Had to hit reboot on liquor store privatization in Carrot River, less than a day after selecting the Carrot River Inn to operate the private liquor store there. The problem: Turns out a Sask Party MLA is a shareholder in the Inn. Oops.

NAME: Yep, him again

JOB: Premier Privatizer


Who benefits from the massive privatization of public liquor stores? Ding ding ding. You are correct if you said out-of-province-based Sobeys. It got the best private store locations instead of local businesses like Co-op stores under Federated Co-op’s umbrella. Mr Premier, remind us what is in it for Saskatchewan again?

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