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I want to improve public services and Crowns, so they stay strong, in public hands, and working for all of us — today and tomorrow!

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  • Own it! Saskatchewan belongs to everyone.

    ownit! is about keeping and improving the public services that built our province and help keep it strong.

    It's about making sure services are affordable, that they cover everyone in Saskatchewan, and that they are the best they can be.

  • What is privatization?

    It's when government sells off services, buildings, equipment — anything related to the delivery of public services. And that:

    • Puts profits for private corporations ahead of the interests of families and communities.
    • Wastes tax dollars and costs families more.
    • Removes public accountability and control.

    ownit! » It's for everyone

    It's for seniors. It's for families. It's for our kids and grandkids' future.

    It's for everywhere

    It's for Saskatchewan people living all across our province — but particularly families in smaller communities who need quality services close to home.

    It's for every time

    So that public services are there — and affordable — when our family, friends and neighbours need them.

  • Renting forever? Or owning forever!

    Privatization? Or public ownership!

    Owning just makes more sense for Saskatchewan.

  • When you own your home instead of renting...

    You don't have to rely on a landlord to fix a leaky roof or broken furnace... You don't get hit with sudden, drastic increases just to stay in your home... And the money you pay builds value for your family — not the landlord.

    The same goes for Saskatchewan's public services and Crowns. When they stay in public hands...

    We set the priorities that make sense for Saskatchewan... We make sure everyone is covered, no matter where in the province they live... And we know that our tax dollars are going to delivering services and building value now and for the future — not to generate profits for giant corporations.